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The Value Behind Your Steering Wheel

AJ Headshot 2021

They say that one never forgets their first car, but perhaps it should be said that one should never forget the car they have right now. The vehicles we own are a big responsibility, but that does not mean having to brace for the unexpected giant bill that lurks under every hood (they normally are not there). On the contrary, proper and consistent care saves you money over the long-run, preserving the value of the car you already have.

Introducing AUTODLE


Introducing AUTODLE And now, for some #FridayFun. Something quirky, and extremely nerdy, we present AUTODLE, which is like Wordle, but for cars! Recreated completely in Google Sheets by Tyler Robertson of Fast Company, you can copy the sheet over and enjoy 27 days of 5-letter automotive puzzles. Enjoy! http://ow.ly/t5gs50HGYQY

Clangs, Clicking, and Clunks

Ball Joint

As vehicles age, their suspension and steering components wear out. Joints and connections often have rubber bushings around them that loose their effectiveness over time. Noises can happen when going over bumps or rough roads, as well as during turns. Catching these issues early can prevent expensive repairs. Think of it as rolling an ankle […]

Oil Leaks: Why is This Happening to My Car?

Oil Leaks: Why is This Happening to My Car? What Does Engine Oil Do? Vehicles with internal combustion motors, which include hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, use engine oil for a variety of different purposes. Engine oil’s main job is to lubricate the internal mechanicals of a motor, but modern vehicles also use oil for […]

How to Use Interac e-Transfers

Interac e-Transfer

A large part of the contact between clients and service staff takes place during the payment process. To promote safety, we can take credit card payments over the phone as well as with the recently announced e-Transfer method. We respectfully request that e-Transfers be used where possible instead of cash or debit. Here’s how to […]