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Oil Leaks: Why is This Happening to My Car?

What Does Engine Oil Do?

Vehicles with internal combustion motors, which include hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, use engine oil for a variety of different purposes. Engine oil’s main job is to lubricate the internal mechanicals of a motor, but modern vehicles also use oil for other jobs, such as changing engine timing for performance or efficiency.

Losing oil can lead to major engine issues or damage requiring very expensive repairs, so dealing with oil leaks earlier on can lead to major savings.

What Causes Oil Leaks?

  • Worn out/cracked engine gaskets and seals, which in turn can be caused by:
    • Old oil breaking down, becoming contaminated and acidic, eating through seals;
    • Improper oil pressure from clogged passages, pushing oil out of seals.
  • Damaged engine components, physical leaks

Where are Areas of Common Oil Leaks?

  • Valve cover gaskets, the top covers of engines
  • Loose oil filters or oil drain plugs
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Variable timing solenoid seals
  • Oil pressure sensors

Whatever the oil leak is, we are equipped to isolate, identify, and remedy it. Oil and fluid leaks repair is one of the services we provide! Contact us today to make an appointment if you have an oil leak!