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***SPECIAL NOTICE*** Our entrance has changed, please turn in off 64 Ave. to 175A St. between Splitz Gymnastics and Public Storage and find us at the end of the road!

Automotive Services Offered

Whether it be a passenger car, SUV, pick-up truck, import or domestic, our shop is equipped to service your vehicle.

Our service staff strive to provide you with the knowledge to make your service and repair decisions. We provide estimates of cost and time as well as assist you in prioritizing and planning repairs. From an oil change to the finest auto repair services in Cloverdale, our goal is to help you understand what your vehicle may need and why. With our digital inspection systems and 2-way texting capability, we can keep you in the loop every step of the way. Simply put, we want you to know how to best care for your vehicle!

We look forward to getting to know you and your vehicle, delivering the finest auto repair services in Cloverdale to keep you safe and your vehicle in optimal condition.

Car on Hoist
Digital Vehicle Inspection on tablet screen

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Transparency and education are extremely important to us, and this is why we take the time to go through your vehicle and present what we see in our digital vehicle inspection reports.

Photos, videos, notes, and recommendations are provided in our reports, as relevant, and are sent via text message or email when complete. We go over the information with you to help you to plan out any recommended work in order to keep your vehicle safe and full of value.

Basic inspections of major systems are included in all maintenance services, and a deeper inspection is standard for pre-purchase/new purchase inspections. as well as available at any visit.

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make the decisions for your vehicle.

Oil Maintenance Service

Oil is the lifeblood of internal combustion vehicles, and our warranty-approved maintenance services give you the peace of mind you need, ensuring your vehicle is kept up to date and small issues are caught before they turn into major repairs. We are here for your oil change in Surrey.

The basic service includes:

  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Checking major fluids: Coolant/antifreeze, transmission fluid, washer fluid
  • Checking tire pressure and condition
  • Visually checking brakes
  • Basic service needs inspection
Oil Change
Oil Change Surrey

Computerized Diagnostics & Testing

Vehicles no longer have just one or two computers in them, but nowadays many have upwards of 20 modules, or even more.

Each module requires proper voltage and control software to make sure they all work in conjunction with each other. Warning lights and messages should be checked out as soon as possible, especially if they are flashing.

To deal with these modules, the work required is often much more than reading codes. From a small check engine light to major system issues, we are equipped with the manufacturer scanner software required to interface, diagnose, and re-initialize modules to get you back on the road.

Brakes and Bearings

A working braking system is critical for safety.

We are equipped to handle disc and drum brake systems as well as the related wheel bearing systems.

Hear squealing, scraping, grinding, howling noises when your wheel as spinning? Come in for a brake inspection to make sure you and your loved ones stay on the road, safely.

Brake Repair Surrey
Oil Change Services Surrey

Steering, Suspension, Alignment

To keep a vehicle straight and true, steering and suspension components need to work together. Clunking, pulling, bouncing, or vehicles otherwise not driving right require proper assessment. After any components that affect steering are replaced, we perform a proper wheel alignment to line everything up and preserve your tires as well.

Exhaust, Catalytic Converters, Mufflers

Engines need to breathe in and also breathe out. A proper exhaust system routes the spent fumes from the engine out properly, and any leaks may cause sensor issues and running problems. Loud noise and bad smells are also major signs of exhaust system issues.

Muffler & Exhaust Work

Scheduled Maintenance & Tune-Ups

We have access to the maintenance schedules for all major manufacturers, and they are important to keep your vehicle reliable and your warranty valid.

From spark plugs to fuel filters, differentials and transmission services, we can tackle the needs of your vehicle, when they should be done.

Provincial Vehicle Inspections

Our shop is an approved inspection facility through the CVSE (Commercial Vehicle and Safety Enforcement). We are able to perform the new-to-BC provincial inspections in order to get a BC licence plate as required for residents.

Vehicle Inspections Surrey
  • Courtesy vehicles available for $15/day (minimum 1-day charge)
  • Free WiFi available for clients at the shop