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6 Indisputable Benefits of a Digital Vehicle Inspection

Do you feel out of control when you drop your car at the auto shop? Do you often leave your car there for hours and get a huge bill at the end…with services, parts, and line items you don’t fully understand?

To put your mind at ease, many automotive shops are now using Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) reports to make the process more efficient, transparent, and friendly. You don’t have to wait at the shop for hours to have your work done because these reports and status updates can be texted or emailed to you.

Keep reading about the indisputable benefits of receiving a Digital Vehicle Inspection report at your next auto repair or maintenance appointment.

Digital Vehicle Inspection on tablet screen

What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?

A Digital Vehicle Inspection report provides a digital and photographic record of your vehicle. These reports can include photos, videos, and written explanations with recommendations to help you understand the repair or maintenance work needed on your vehicle.

The information in your inspection report can be texted or emailed and saved for your personal automobile maintenance records. Your service advisor will talk you through the aspects of your report so you understand any work that needs to be done (or even work recommended elsewhere that doesn’t need to be done!).

At Visscher-Pau Automotive, we have employed DVI software for years now in order help us better communicate with you: 

  • Before your appointment: Book your appointment online and get 2-way text reminders and communication.
  • During your appointment: Receive your digital report to review it, approve the work, and even submit payment securely when work is completed for a smooth pick-up experience.
  • After you go home: You can receive automated maintenance reminders and follow-ups, and contact your maintenance team anywhere, anytime!

Benefits of DVIs for Vehicle Owners

Our clients love the convenience and transparency of Digital Vehicle Inspection reports! As a vehicle owner, these reports:

  1. Use pictures to show you your vehicle: For those who may not understand the deeper inner workings of cars, seeing photos and videos of repair or maintenance needs can help. We want you to feel in control and understand the work your technician and service advisor recommends. You see what we see!
  2. Manage vehicle wear: The digital reports help you track your vehicle’s everyday wear and tear. The DVI shows details to identify when components and parts are in good, marginal, or concerning shape.
  3. Helps you stay on top of maintenance: With pictures and written reports, your DVI will show you the current status of parts and recommend when they may need maintenance or replacement. This knowledge helps you budget these important vehicle maintenance expenses in advance rather than being surprised with a hefty bill at your next appointment, saving you money in the long run.
  4. Prioritize repairs: Above and beyond these reports, the service advisors at Visscher-Pau Automotive can help you understand the report and help you prioritize the work. We keep you in control!
  5. Improves communication with your service advisors: With traditional auto shops, you have to call to get updates on your vehicle. With our digital systems, we contact you with your vehicle report and provide regular communication with your service advisor via text message, so you’re never left waiting for an update.
  6. Saves you time: Automotive teams who use digital inspection reports are overall more efficient with compiling information on your vehicle. We keep clear digital records of how your vehicle has progressed, which means we can follow up more quickly on previous notes and be more targeted and focused on your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance. This can mean more time savings than traditional automotive shops!

We are Your Automotive Consultants at Visscher-Pau Automotive

As our staff are not on commission, we don’t believe in pushing services that aren’t needed. We want to help you learn through the digital vehicle health process, starting with a Digital Vehicle Inspection. This helps us to be 100% dedicated to noticing things that should be noticed and recommending services that are actually required. As such, every appointment at our shop gets at least a basic DVI, and we recommend a more comprehensive one at least once a year. We’re here by your side to help you keep your vehicle healthy and safe!

Come try our Digital Vehicle Inspection experience, call us at 604-576-9634 or book your next visit online to Visscher-Pau Automotive in Surrey today!